Lamborghini Aventador SVJ =NEW= 1 Of 900 / Carbon / Ceramic Brakes / Rear View Camera / LED / Alcantara / ALA Aerodynamic System / Heating Seats / 20/21" Cherchi / Guarantee

QOD5 Orange Argos
CR9 Cherchi In 20/21 Alloy In Shiny Black
PC2 Calipers In Orange
W1O Style Package In Shiny Black
6FH Exterior Mirror In Glossy Black
NU3 Door Spoiler In Black Shiny
KN6 Top Vents + Hood Air Intake In High Gloss Black
SVU Internal SVJ With Colored Parts
7x7 Posts + Reversing Sensors
WMB Sat Navigator
2MP Solvation System
22M Alcantara Steering Wheel And Perforated Leather
6 Cross Stitch
PH3 Travel Package
VCI Box Opening Command
WV3 Electric Comfort Seats In Carbon
YCR Colored Aluminum Mats
YCO Logho SVJ In Embroidery Color
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