Mercedes-Benz S 580 Long 4Matic

=AMG= Night Package/ Exclusive/ Burmester 3D / 2 x Energizing / Fond Entertainment / TV / 3D Display / Reality Head Up / Memory Clima Massage Kinetic Dynamic Seats / Auxiliary Heating /Panorama / Digital Light / Rear Steering / Tablet / Air Balance / Remote Park / 21" / Guarantee





523 к.с.




11 000 км.




311 700 лв.


Model S 580 4-MATIC
Color Diamond white – metallic finish (799)
Interior Exclusive leather – black/anthracite (501)
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz AG (GER)

01U MB Connect services for navigation
02B Operator’s manual + service booklet-German
02J Conversion world manufacturer to Mercedes-Benz AG (DSV)
0B3 Vehicle production location Sindelfingen
0U1 HU country set for ECE (NTG7)
14U Smartphone integration package
16U Apple Carplay smartphone integration
17U Android Auto smartphone integration
192 Control code – Maintenance of secondary battery
194 Conversion roof liner process in plant
1B3 Communication module ECE version
201 Rear axle steering
223 Electric backrest adjustment and head restraints
228 Additional warm water heating
229L Germany
22U Mercedes me connect MBUX Entertainment
231 Garage door opener
233 Adaptive cruise control Plus (DISTRONIC PLUS)
235 Active Parking Assist
243 Active Lane Keeping Assist (camera)
249 Automatic dimming inside rearview mirror and outside mirrors
255B MB-Mobilo with DSB and GGD
260 Model badge on trunk lid – Omission
266 DISTRONIC PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist (DTR+Q)
275 Memory Package (driver’s seat, steering column and mirror)
276 Rear Seat Memory Package
27U Automatic parking service (Valet Parking)
282 Through-loading feature over armrest in rear passenger compartment
292 PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side
293 Sidebags in rear
297 Electric roller sun blind in left and right rear door
2U1 Radiator shutter
2U8 Alternative refrigerant
2XXL Federal Republic of Germany
306 Rear seat belt with integrated airbag
30U Projection function via headlamps – lines
31U Control code – Mercedes me connect anti-theft protection
321 Biometric user identification – fingerprint
322 Neck and shoulder heating in the rear
325 Center airbag
32U Sound personalisation
332B Language of instrument cluster/HU – German
33U Mercedes me connect – extended connectivity
351 eCall emergency call system
355 Preinstallation for retrofitting navigation system
365 Hard drive navigation
367 Live Traffic capability
381 CI+BOX card reader for DVB-T2-standard
383 Ramses Entry communication module (4G)
39V Speed/load index 98Y XL+100 Y XL
401 Climatised front seats
402 Rear seat climate control
406 Multicontour rear seat
413 Panoramic sliding sunroof/glass roof
421 9-speed automatic transmission
42U Projection function via headlamps – symbols
432 Active Multicontour Seat package
436 Driver and front passenger luxury head restraint
43U Projection function via headlamps – animation
443 Steering wheel heater
445 MBUX augmented reality head-up display
447 MBUX Rear-Tablet
451 3D driver display
475 Tire pressure monitor (TPM)
489 AIRMATIC Dual Control/semi-active air suspension
4A7 Assembly, Actuators (four wheels)
500A Exclusive leather
501 360° camera
501A Exclusive leather – black/anthracite
502 Free map data updates for 3 years
503 Pre-installation for Remote Parking Assist
513 Traffic Sign Assist
51B Rating, country group EURO-NCAP
534 Connect 20 Premium (NTG7)
537 DAB digital radio standard (Digital Audio Broadcast)
540 Electric roller blind for rear window
543 Sun visor with additional function
546 Active Speed Limit Assist
551 Standard anti-theft alarm system (ATA)
561 Design seat belts
581 Automatic climate control
582 THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control in the rear
587 Logo projection via mirror
596 Heat-insulating and infrared-refl. laminated glass all-round
61U Headliner, black microfiber
6P5 Sales control code for code 475 request
6U0 Engine sound via speaker
70B Safety vest – driver
726 Center console – High-gloss black IMD plastic (2C00)
72B USB package Plus
735 Additional scope of trim elements
772 AMG styling – Front spoiler, side skirts
799U Diamond white – metallic finish
79B Pre-installation for DAB digital radio standard
7B4 WIPPS countries WEU+COC
7B8 UWB/UWB-BLE module
802 YoM 21/1
810 Burmester® 3D surround sound system
840 Glas dunkel getönt
854 MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment System
865 TV tuner
868 Central display size L
874 MAGIC VISION CONTROL incl. heated windshield washer system
878 Active ambient lighting
881 Remote boot-lid closing
882 Sensor system and siren for anti-theft alarm system
883 Power closing
889 Keyless Go
891 ambient lighting
898 Wireless telephone charging in rear passenger compartment
899 Front wireless telephone charging and antenna
8B2 48 V PTC heater booster
8S2 Modification year 21/1 for axle
8U0 Heated washer fluid reservoir
8U1 Anodized trim strips
8U8 i-Size marking (ISOFIX successor)
902 Front comfort seat heating
903 Rear comfort seat heating
906 Front heated rests
907 Rear heated rests
916 Fuel tank with large capacity – Volume 1
927 Exhaust treatment, Euro 6 technology
936 Cylinder cut-out system
942 Load compartment/trunk package
94B Integrated starter alternator Gen. 2
950 AMG sport package
961 Exhaust system with OPF, generation 2.0
969 COC document for Euro6 tech. with reg. cert. Part 2
998 Steuercode Umstellung WLTP mit RDE
B01 48V technology
B05 Chrome-plated handle and loading sill
B10 Fuel tank system for EU6D standard
B24 Remote control for Auxiliary heating
B51 Tirefit
F223 Model series 223
FV Sedan, long
GA Automatic transmission
H37 Trim elements – Slate fine-grained poplar wood (2A25)
HA Rear axle
K13 Control code for service interval 25000 km
K32 Active Lane Change Assist
K33 Extended restart in stop-and-go traffic
K34 Route-based speed adaptation
K37 Deactivation of locking feedback via horn
K40 Emergency corridor with driving over lane marking
K41 Emergency stop assistant with hands-off lane change
L Left Hand Drive
L5C Supersport steering wheel – leather deep-embossed
LS1 Body-in-white load stage 1/1.5
M005 Vehicles with 4MATIC/all-wheel drive
M176 V8 spark-ignition engine M176
M40 Displacement 4.0 liter
P09 Sun protection package
P20 Driving assistant package Plus
P21 AIR-BALANCE package
P34 Exclusive package
P43 Luxury rear seat package
P55 Night package
P64 Front Memory Package
P69 Front and rear comfort heating package
P82 Anti-Theft Protection Package Plus
PBG Premium connectivity package
PBH Parking Package with Remote Parking functions
PBS Fit and Healthy package – front
PBT Fit and Healthy package – rear passenger compartment
R01 Summer tyres
R06 Noise-optimized tires with foam absorber
R8Q Wheel size 21″ mixed tires variant 1
RWN AMG multi-spoke wheels 21″ with mixed tires
U01 Rear belt status indicator
U07 Seat belt extender in rear passenger compartment
U10 Automatic seat occupancy recognition and child seat recognition
U19 Augmented reality video
U25 Illuminated door sill
U26 Floor mats – AMG
U29 Sports braking system
U35 12 V socket in load area
U60 Pedestrian protection – Active hood
VL Left front axle half
VR Right front axle half

Technische Daten Typ S 580 4MATIC Limousine lang
Baumuster: 223.176.1
Hubraum (Bohrung x Hub) 3982 ccm
Nennleistung 370 kW
Nennleistung 503 + 20 PS
Drehzahl bei Nennleistung 5500-5500 1/min
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 250 km/h
Beschleunigung 0-100 km/h 4,4 s
Höchstdrehzahl 6300 1/min
Getriebe – Schaltungsart auto.
Kraftstoff – Art (Primärantrieb) S
Kraftstoffverbr.Gesamt (Min.) 10,0 l/100km
Kraftstoffverbr.Gesamt (Max.) 10,6 l/100km
Abgasnorm EURO 6D-ISC-FCM
CO2-Emission (Min.) primär 228 g/km
CO2-Emission (Max.) primär 242 g/km
VDA-Gepäckr.geschlossen 535 L
Radstand 3216 mm
Reifenbezeichnung vorn 285/40 R19
Reifenbezeichnung hinten 255/45 R19
Zul.Gesamtgewicht 2820 kg
Leergewicht (EU) 2115 kg
Zugelassene Sitzplatzanzahl 5
Kraftstoffverbrauch Gesamt Komb. 11.0 l/100km
CO2 Emission innerorts 347 g/km
Verbrauch Gesamt Komb. (Gas) m3/100km
Kraftstoffverbrauch Gewichtet, Komb. l/100km
CO2 Emission Komb. NEFZ g/km
Kraftstoffverbrauch Gewichtet, Komb. kg/100km
CO2 Emission Gewichtet, Komb. g/km
CO2 Emission Gesamt Komb. (Gas) g/km
Reine Elektro Fahrzeuge Gesamt km
CO2 Emission Gesamt Komb. 251 g/km
CO2 Emission Ges., Komb. (PlugIn) NEFZ g/km
Kraftstoffverbrauch Gesamt Komb. kg/100km
CO2 Emission ausserstädt. (non-PlugIn) 170 g/km
CO2 Emission Komb. (non-PlugIn) 235 g/km

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Бяла перла; AMG; Night Package; Exclusive Package; панорамен стъклен покрив; черна тапицерия на тавана в кожа Alcantara; табло, врати и конзоли, обшити в естествена кожа Nappa; дистроник; 360 градуса камери; завиващ заден мост; дистанционно паркиране; PRE-SAFE Impuls Seite; Air Balance пакет за качеството на въздуха; парфюм през климатичната инсталация; йонизатор; 4-зонов климатроник; дистанционна предварителна климатизация на купето и на седалките; автономна печка с дистанционно; озвучаване Burmester 3D; USB пакет Plus; Digital Light фарове с прожектиране на анимации и знаци; двоен стъклопакет шумо и топлоизолационни, фабр. ламинирани цветни предпазни стъкла с активен Infrared Reflecting филтър, задните затъмнени; Soft Close сервозатваряне на вратите и багажника; седалки с подгряване, обдухване, надуване, масажи и динамика в завой; допълнително отопление на врата и раменете отзад; подгряване на подлакътниците и на подглавниците отпред и отзад; фронтални, странични и в предпазните колани въздушни възглавници и отзад; памет на седалки, волан, люк и огледала; комфортни подглавници; седалка от страната на пътника, електрически регулируема отзад; система за забавление с два монитора и таблет отзад; TV-тунер; смартфон интеграция; безжично зареждане на телефон отпред и отзад; три години безплатен ъпдейт на навигационните карти; тъчпад; ел. щори отзад; подгряване на волана; MBUX Augmented Reality Head-Up-Display; 3D Driver Display; MBUX увеличена реалност за навигация; OLED централен дисплей; ENERGIZING фитнес и здраве пакети и отпред и отзад; мотивиращи и релаксиращи програми + физически упражнения за водача + активни седалки отпред и отзад; авт. ел. подавачи на предпазните колани отзад; асистенти за следване на пътната маркировка, за самопаркиране, за смяна на лентата, за мъртва точка, за откриване на умора у водача, за предотвратяване на ПТП, за разпознаване на пътни знаци и за дълги светлини; комфортен безключов достъп и палене; скенер за пръстови отпечатъци; ел. огледала с подгряване, бленди и ел. прибиране; отваряне/затваряне на багажник чрез замахване с крак; адаптивни мигащи стоп светлини; амбиентно осветление; светещо лого на праговете; лого проектори; дистанционно отваряне на гаражна врата; дизайнерски катарами за коланите; поръчков, без моделен надпис; Magic Vision Control; уголемен горивен резервоар; аларма; 21” джанти; зимни и летни гуми; фолио на фаровете и на предното стъкло.  Регистриран, застрахован.

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