Model Y

NEW =Performance= Carbon Spoiler / Autopilot / 360° Cameras / Adaptive LED / Heating Seats / Keyless Go / Premium Audio / Heated Steering Wheel / Wireless Phone Charging / 21" / German Car / Guarantee





534 к.с.




7 000 км.




118 100 лв.


Interior & Convenience

Premium audio with 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2amps and immersive sound
Music and media over Bluetooth®
Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
Custom driver profiles
Wireless phone charging in center console
649 litres of cargo space including a secure front trunk
Heated Seats – All 5 seats with individual controls
Heated Steering Wheel
Interior Floor Mats


Automatic emergency braking
Blind spot monitoring
Front collision warning
Side collision warning
Emergency lane departure avoidance and correction
Obstacle aware acceleration
LED daytime running lights
Sentry Mode
Cabin Overheat Protection
In-app vehicle location monitoring

Premium Connectivity

Model Y includes Navigation on all models and a 30 day Premium Connectivity trial:
Live Traffic Visualization
Satellite-View Maps
Video Streaming, allowing access to content from Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, and more
Internet Browser

Basic Autopilot

Included with every Tesla, Autopilot enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane. Advanced safety and convenience features are designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving, alongside driver assistance features such as emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring.

Easy Charging

Charge anywhere there is electricity. Most range used for daily driving can be topped off using the Mobile Connector Bundle and a household outlet, or upgrade to a Tesla Wall Connector for the best home charging experience. For long distance travel, Model Y adds up to 275 kilometres of range in just 15 minutes using Tesla’s Supercharger network, getting you back on the road, sooner.

Over-the-Air Updates

Model Y gets better over time with frequent wireless software updates, bringing you new features, more entertainment, higher performance and range, increased comfort and even better safety.

Sentry Mode

An exclusive protection feature called Sentry Mode continuously monitors the vehicle’s surroundings when you leave your Tesla unattended. When activated, Sentry Mode arms and uses the vehicle’s external cameras to detect and help protect against potential threats, similar to home alarm systems.

Live Camera, available with Premium Connectivity, lets you remotely view your car’s surroundings while in park, and also honk, flash and talk through the car’s speaker. Live Camera is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by Tesla.

Expansive Storage

Model Y features 2158 liters of cargo space accessible through both the front trunk and the automatically opening and closing rear trunk. Taking advantage of the space traditionally occupied by bulky engines, gas tanks and transmissions, the design of Model Y enables disproportionately large amounts of storage for a car its size, while bolstering occupant safety through a more spacious, reinforced body and chassis.

Tesla Mobile App

Remotely control and monitor your Tesla with Phone Key keyless driving, range & charging status, climate control, live GPS location and more. You can even schedule service and monitor your entire Tesla ecosystem, including power flow from Powerwall or from Solar Roof and Solar Panels.

21” Überturbine Wheels

Exclusive gray wheels designed with lightweight, yet tough aluminum alloy and Pirelli P Zero tires for ultimate driving control both on and off the track.

Performance Brakes

Larger, stiffer calipers and lightweight two-piece discs for enhanced performance and thermal capacity

Performance Pedals

Designed with aluminum alloy for enhanced interior styling

Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Optimized for enhanced aerodynamics and improved stability at high speeds. The Carbon Fiber Spoiler is accented by an exclusive Performance badge to create a distinctive rear fascia.

Track Mode

Updatable via over-the-air updates, Track Mode features increased powertrain cooling and regenerative braking for extended track sessions, uses the motors to get the car to turn-in, and allows drivers to customize driving modes to match their abilities and handling preference.

Наличен в Tesla Германия.

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Европейска гаранция: основна 4 години или 80 000 км,
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Dual Motor; Performance; дистроник; Premium интериор – черен; панорамен тониран стъклен покрив с UV и инфрачервен защитен слой; 360 градуса камери; озвучаване Premium Audio за Performance; адаптивни LED фарове; LED фарове за мъгла; двоен стъклопакет и отпред и отзад топлоизолационни стъкла с инфрачервен и ултравиолетов филтър; вътрешен HEPA филтър за пречистване на въздуха; подгряване на волана и на петте седалки; отделно сгъваеми задни седалки; 15″ Touchscreen централен дисплей; смартфон интеграция; централна конзола с отделения за съхранение, безжично зареждане на два мобилни телефона; асистенти за смяна на пътната лента, за самопаркиране, за следване на пътната маркировка, за откриване на умора у водача, за мъртва точка, за предотвратяване на ПТП, за рапознаване на пътни знаци и за дълги светлини; комфортен безключов достъп и стартиране; предварително затопляне или охлаждане на интериора и батерията, чрез мобилно приложение; амбиентно осветление; ел. огледала с подгряване, бленди и ел. прибиране; аларма; Sentry Mode за непрекъснато наблюдение; Performance карбонов спойлер отзад; Performance алуминиеви спортни педали; Performance окачване с понижен клиренс; Performance червени спирачни апарати; 21” джанти Superturbine.

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