Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor NEW =Performance= Carbon Spoiler / Autopilot / Panorama / 360 ° Cameras / Adaptive LED / Heating Seats / Premium Sound / Track Mode / Wireless Charging Dock / 20" / German Car / Guarantee

Audio And Media

Premium audio system - 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and sound field processor
Music & media via Bluetooth®
USB-A connection in the glove compartment with removable 128 GB storage medium


Front seats with electric adjustment functions
Heated seats
Tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protective layer
Indoor floor mats


LED fog lights
Electrically foldable, heated exterior mirrors with automatic dimming
Individual driver profiles
Center console with storage compartments, 4 USB ports and wireless charging dock for 2 mobile phones

Premium Connectivity, 1 year free

Real-time traffic flow display
Satellite image maps
Video streaming, access to content from Netflix, Youtube, Twitch and other providers
Streaming music
Web browser

Enhanced Autopilot

Navigate with autopilot
Lane change assistant
Parking the car
Smart summoning

20-inch Over-Turbine Rims
Exclusive rims made of light but durable aluminum alloy in an elegant gray with Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires for ultimate traction on the road as well as on the racetrack.

Performance Brakes
Larger, stiffer brake calipers and lightweight, split brake discs for improved braking performance and heat dissipation

Performance Pedals
Designed with light metal alloy to achieve exclusive interior styling.

Carbon Spoiler
Improved aerodynamics and better tracking stability at high speeds. The carbon rear spoiler is accentuated by an exclusive performance badge to create an unmistakable rear apron.

Track Mode
Offered as an over-the-air update, the track mode enhances drive train cooling and recuperation (regenerative braking) and is ideal for longer laps on the racetrack. At the same time, turning into bends is supported by appropriate control of the motors. Even better: you can set the driving modes perfectly to your requirements and adapt them to your driving style.

Glass Roof
The huge glass roof ensures a lighter and more spacious ambience in the interior and an unobstructed view of the sky. Infrared and UV light rays are effectively filtered out to effectively reduce heat and glare even in direct sunlight.

Touch Screen
You can access everything via the large 15-inch touchscreen: such as HD images from the side and rear cameras, navigation, films, music, games and more. Your surroundings are visualized in real time while driving to show speed limit signs, upcoming traffic lights, pedestrians, cyclists and hazards in a 360 ° surround view.

Wireless Charging
You can conveniently charge two phones at the same time on the wireless charging dock with a contoured, non-slip surface. The integrated center console offers deep storage space with two front and two rear USB-C charging ports and storage space under the armrest.

Completely Vegan Interior
Softer than leather, but much more robust and dirt-repellent - our specially developed seat covers are completely vegan and significantly more sustainable than conventional seat materials. They meet our strict standards for durability and stain resistance, while at the same time impressing with high comfort and aesthetics.

Advanced Air Conditioning Operation
Airflow and temperature are fully controlled from the display, allowing precise alignment without ever having to control or touch an air vent. On hot days, the interior overheating protection always keeps the interior pleasantly cool. In cold weather, pre-air conditioning enables the interior and the vehicle battery to be automatically preheated, which results in maximum range and efficiency.

Maximum Range: 567 km.
Top Speed: 261 km/h.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.3 sec.

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