Tesla Model X Tri-Motor NEW =Plaid= Autonomous Driving Potential / Carbon / Panorama / 360° Cameras / Adaptive LED / Air Suspension / Memory & Clima Seats / Premium Audio / Heated Steering Wheel / Wireless Charging Dock / 22" / German Car / Guarantee

Audio And Media

Premium audio system with 22 speakers and active noise cancellation
Music and media from multiple devices via Bluetooth®
17-inch touchscreen, 12.3-inch display for the driver and 8-inch display in the second row of seats
Gaming computer with 10 teraflops of computing power
Wireless controller compatibility


Panoramic windshield
Ultraviolet and infrared protection filters in all panes and windows
Heated seats for all occupants, steering wheel and windshield heating
Ventilated front seats
Three-zone Airwave air conditioning
HEPA air purifying filter for the interior
User-defined driver profiles with automatic comfort entry and exit positions
Ambient lighting


Automatically opening and closing front doors
Front center console with sliding cup holders and storage space
Tailgate with automatic opening and closing
Electrically foldable, heated side mirrors with automatic dimming
2,577 liters of storage space including a lockable front trunk
Wireless and USB-C fast charging
HomeLink automatic garage door opener
Cell phone key

Premium Connectivity

Model X includes navigation functionality as standard and a 1-year premium connectivity trial that enables you to:
Live traffic visualization
Satellite image maps
Video streaming, access to content from Netflix, Youtube, Twitch and other providers
Web browser


Automatic emergency braking
Blind spot monitoring
Front impact warning
Side collision warning
Emergency lane correction
Maneuvering assistant
LED daytime running lights
Guardian mode
Interior overheating protection
Vehicle tracking via app


Autopilot With Full Potential For Autonomous Driving

Lane change assistant
Navigate with autopilot
Parking the car
Extended "summoning"
Computers for autonomous driving

All Wheel Drive
Tesla all-wheel drive uses separate electric motors (front and rear) that ensure superior performance and traction in all conditions, and guarantee an incredibly dynamic response to the accelerator pedal. In contrast to conventional combustion engines, the Tesla electric drive train with its electric motors does not require any regular maintenance during its entire service life.

Guardian Mode
An exclusive protection function called Guard Mode continuously monitors the area around the vehicle if you leave your Tesla unattended. When activated, the guard mode is armed and, similar to house alarm systems, uses the vehicle's external cameras to detect and protect against potential threats.

Automatic Doors
The front doors open automatically when you approach with your smartphone. The driver's door closes by itself - just press the brake pedal. You can also conveniently control the Falcon Wing doors, the front trunk and the tailgate, either via the touchscreen or your Tesla mobile app.

Lots Of Storage Space
The Model X offers space for up to 7 adults and up to 2,577 liters of cargo space including a lockable front trunk. A large suitcase fits into the front trunk. The rear seats, in turn, can be folded down at the push of a button to enlarge the rear cargo space, while its underfloor area includes an additional storage compartment - that means flexibility and maximum adaptability

Tesla App
With the mobile phone key, you can start your Tesla without having to pick up a key. Further highlights are: range and charge status remote monitoring, GPS location in real time, air conditioning settings and much more. You can also book a service appointment via the app. Monitor your entire Tesla ecosystem, including the flow of electricity from the Powerwall or from the solar roof and solar panels, directly from the Tesla app.

Three Displays
With its resolution of 2200x1300 dpi, its ultra-bright and extremely lifelike colors and its user-friendly response, the new touchscreen enables exciting entertainment and games everywhere. The second display directly in front of the driver shows relevant operating information, while a third display offers rear passengers their own controls and also provides exciting entertainment at the rear.

Video Games Everywhere
Up to 10 TeraFlops of computing power allow games in the car at the same level as the latest game consoles. Thanks to the compatibility with wireless controllers, you can play from anywhere in the vehicle.

Three-Zone Climate Control
Airflow and temperature are completely controlled via the displays, with no physical vents. On hot days, the interior overheating protection always keeps the interior pleasantly cool. In cold weather, pre-air conditioning enables the interior and battery to be preheated automatically, which pays off with maximum range.

Yoke Steering
The ultimate focus on driving: no pitman arms, no shifting. Jet-style yoke steering wheel with no pitman arm allows you to enjoy the best car right now, both for driving and ride-along.

22 Speaker Audio System
An audio system with 22 speakers and 960 watts of power guarantees audiophile listening pleasure at home or on the go, with new microphones supporting the active suppression of background noise.

Panoramic Windshield
With the largest panoramic windshield on the market, the Model X literally opens up new perspectives. This sunscreen tinted gives the driver and up to six passengers an unrestricted view.

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